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discover the real

scott wiener.

7 things you need to know about

Scott Wiener before you vote...


1. Opposed police reform

after taking $72k from police unions.

2. Took nearly $1 million

from real estate

He's the most real-estate backed politician in the legislature.

3. voted against funding for public schools

after huge donations from for-profit charter school advocates.

4. funded by billionaires, landlords, and big corporations

benefited from more than $2.4 million

in dark money.

5. worsened our homelessness crisis

by siding with big corporations against a tax for housing and mental health.

6. won't support emergency rent relief

because it would tax his buddies' real estate sales of $10 million or more.

7. ineffective in sacramento

He has a record of losing his most important bills.

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Paid for by Jackie Fielder for State Senate 2020.